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Kathleen WrightWhen the VERY NEAR YOGA STUDIO opened in September of 1998, it was the creation of a reality  that had been a “floating yoga studio: I-95 Delaware” for the previous 5 years.  Now, what a different world we all inhabit, that of high technology internet, virtual reality, and the turning upside down of all spatial relationships. And yet, the centuries-old tradition of expanding beyond that duality that we all subscribe to called the “here and now” is still and forever the goal.   YOGA has blossomed into a western world phenom that is more holistically linking us to the UNITY which is the goal of yoga and certainly going beyond the body.  But … we’re still “babes in toyland” when it comes to really delving into the realm of consciousness expansion.

Just look, or rather gaze at the beauty of the background of these words and imagine the falling away of all the concrete thought forms that inhibit the true nature of your experience … no words, no time frame and nothing but space, but with tremendous energy within it.  WOW … wonder of wonders!


Well oh deepening well … the momentum of this NEW WAVE is starting to swell :  2010 has begun …  are you clear about your goals ?  can you map their steps toward completion ?

Astrologically speaking we’re all at the same MOMENT OF LAUNCH  into the very exciting challenge of change, and there are 4 points of  reference:  you can call them the east/west  and the north/south “cardinal ” points like on any compass or map. 

The 4 cardinal points correspond to  the east/west of:

what changes I want to mature in Self and with regard to personal relationships (ALL MY PARTNERS in life:  boss /  business associates / spouse / friends / enemies)

and the north/south of:

what I do to present myself as a CONTRIBUTING MEMBER OF Society in the career/professional realm and how I create my own foundation of home and personal security.

All four of the cardinal points are being given a big ENERGY PUSH for the entire year by the planets SATURN, URANUS, PLUTO and the moods of our emotional connections spurred daily by the MOON.  The Moon represents the emotional complexities of each of the 12 zodiac signs (one applies to each of us based on the time of our birth) and will constantly demand clarity of intention and purposeful action in order to cure the painful aspects of the DEMAND FOR CHANGE. Already we can see that every aspect of our individual lives, from our personal economic woes to the climate change so threatening to our planet and the survivial of generations yet to be born are are in the throes of this new creative thrust.

Additional to the ASTROLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE is another source of wisdom that I will bring into my blog: that is the ancient CHINESE BOOK OF WISDOM: the I CHING. I’ve been consulting this book for the past 30 years and the perspective it brings is always astoundingly insightful (it is an Oracle, consulted by tossing coins, WONDER OF WONDERS!). \
We are in the Winter Season now which began on December 21st and will transition to the Lunar NEW YEAR OF THE TIGER ON February 14th. This period is a time of contemplation about our own INNER TRUTH (the 61st hexagram of the I CHING). Every year at this juncture, we’re able to truthfully examine the defects of selfishness and ego-driven greed. Let’s say that most of us are self-aware enough to recognize this truth and to be guided toward the practice of gentleness and forebearance toward anyone who is still learning lessons that we’ve already absorbed and to find guides whom we gladly follow to learn new lessons. The mutual trust engendered by these practices can bring us out of the danger of intellectualizing our existence and ignoring the CRITICAL NEED FOR CHANGE.

It’s the YEAR OF THE TIGER … bet your BOTTOM DOLLAR that you’re either going to ROAR or get tore up!

As we enter a completely new phase of modern civilization, Vedic Astrology as well as western Astrology gives more & more a backdrop of information to develop ourselves during the course of the next 5 years …  it’s time to start formatting how we want our individual & collective lives to be.  What the Mayan Calendar foresaw for 2012 wasn’t the end of the world or its destruction but the completion /new beginning  of the relationship of humankind to our planet … something beyond the immediacy of our day to day lives.  As I begin to explore  the future with  all of you who don’t have an astrological point of view, I’ll do my best to reveal it in a systematic way so that we might share the energy of the Light that can help us soar on the winds of change.


In 1976,  Kathleen Wright was about to turn 30. Omigod… “DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER 30” was the rallying cry of the youth of the West against the ESTABLISHMENT, i.e., anyone over 30. As millions of questing young people traveled the globe in search of enlightenment, I was starting a business career, keeping one foot in the Establishment and one foot in the NEW AGE.  To this day, I have never traveled to Asia or the Indian sub-continent but the path that I’ve been traveling  between age 30 and age 60 was meant to be formed by the study of two of the Vedic Sciences,  YOGA (specifically IYENGAR Yoga) and ASTROLOGY (Jyotish, the science of Light). As I had grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area,  I was already living in the burgeoning community  of the newly formed CALIFORNIA YOGA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION, a group of returnees from the Indian experiment in ashram living and the spiritual practices that went along with that. In translating that to the modern California lifestyle, yoga studios began opening in San Francisco and Oakland that were, many of them, based on B.K.S. Iyengar’s teachings at his Institute in Pune, India, and these young people would continue making pilgrimages to study with him for the next 30 years, bringing back their experience and knowledge to the rest of us. Eventually, those same young people founded the YOGA JOURNAL magazine and yoga went on to become translated into the modern American lifestyle in a way that no one would have ever imagined back in the early 70′s. I would pursue a business career until 1990 when I would quit to study the science of astrology (sister science to yoga) and hang out my shingle as a professional astrologer, having passed my 7-hour certification exam with the American Federation of Astrologers. Unbeknownst to me, astrology as a profession would take a backseat to teaching yoga before long. By 1993 I would be teaching yoga classes full time and by 1998, I would open the Very Near Yoga Studio in Wilmington, Delaware…far from my beloved California and the blue Pacific.

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